All-inclusive MIPS qualified registry reporting.

MIPSPRO makes reporting intuitive with real-time performance dashboards, revenue impact estimates based on your current MIPS score, data integration options, and live customer support. Whether you are looking for simple penalty avoidance or shooting for an incentive, we have an option that fits your needs.


Report Quality Measures

  • Report Individually or as a Group
  • Pre-submission validation

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per provider per year


Report MIPS Quality Measures, Improvement Activities, and Advancing Care Information Measures

  • All features from Standard as well as...
  • Advancing Care Information module
  • Data Integration for patients and patient visits

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per provider per year


Report Quality Measures and Improvement Activities

  • All features from Basic as well as...
  • Improvement Activity module

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per provider per year


Report MIPS Quality Measures, Improvement Activities, ACI Measures and track Cost performance

  • All features from Plus as well as...
  • Cost performance module
  • APM transition consultation

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per provider per year

Do you have questions about which plan works best for you? 

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Data Integration

Advancing Care Information

Improvement Activities

With the requirement to capture and report on 50% of all patient visits, manual entry becomes burdensome and often unattainable. 

Save time with your MIPS reporting and capture the required 50% of all patient visits in a snap with our optional data integration module. $100

This category of MIPS reporting is the 2017 version of Meaningful Use and focuses on patient engagement & interoperability. 

The ACI module is included in the Plus product tier and available as a add-on with Basic and Standard. $199

Each Improvement Activity delivers a important point value for your organizations reporting to CMS. The IA module ensures you are taking advantage of the points you deserve, and helps identify the 'high value' activities' for your practice. $199

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