Selecting a Solution for MIPS Reporting

Assessing the many methods of MIPS reporting available is a time-intensive process. MIPSPRO is the most adaptable and comprehensive end-to-end clinical quality measurement software available, allowing you to conquer MIPS and any other value-based payment model you should choose to pursue in upcoming years. With real-time dashboards that reflect your current MIPS score and impact to your revenue, 253 quality measures, and the ability to integrate existing quality performance data, MIPSPRO is the easiest way to conquer the transition to value-based care.

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Track performance data for MIPS Performance Categories (Quality, ACI and Improvement Activities) and have them submitted for you to CMS

Supports a wide selection of quality measures for multiple specialties

Instantly see estimated points per measure, per category, and final MIPS score

Estimate the impact to your revenue based on your actual MIPS final score

Pull patient information or quality measure performance data from your EHR and see performance updates within minutes

Capture performance for over six quality measures and see which will give you the best score at submission

Get state-side live support via chat and phone

Access MIPS requirements and measure specifications inline with system workflow, presenting relevant information where needed

Track performance in other value-based programs, including HEDIS and other custom measures

Receive expert data validation prior to submission to CMS, catching easy-to-miss errors that would otherwise result in a penalty

Earn CME / MOC credits for improving performance on MIPS measures by using a personalized educational program

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