Partner Co-Branding Options

MIPSPRO Product Marketing Materials

MIPSPRO Product Sheet


This sheet outlines the advantages of the MIPSPRO registry. It will be customized to fit your brand colors & include both the MIPSPRO and your logo. Additionally, if you have any features or discount codes you would like to highlight, they can be added to the text.

MIPSPRO Data Integration Feature Sheet

The Data Integration Feature Sheet explains the add-on option that allows end-users to upload their data. This is a good secondary sheet to up-sell any end-users who are looking to buy the lite, basic, or standard version of MIPSPRO.

Guides to Learn About MIPS Rules & Regulations

What is MIPS?


In the first year of the Merit-Based incentive Payment System, two-thirds of eligible clinicians are still not sure how to be MIPS-compliant. The MIPS Survival Guide covers everything you need to know to report MIPS in 2017, from eligibility to how to report to score calculations! 

MIPS Pacing Options and Submission

This sheet breaks down the pacing options, and the differences between submission mechanisms. It is recommended that this sheet be used in combination with the "What is MIPS?" sheet for end-users who are very unfamiliar with the MIPS program.