2018 MIPS

Quality Performance Category

  • Select 6 Measures
  • 1 outcome or high-priority measure
  • Alternatively, a specialty or sub-specialty measure set may be used
  • Report 60% of applicable visits from a full calendar year
  • Population measure automatically calculated, if applicable
50 %
of MIPS Composite Performance Score

You are viewing information about MIPS reporting in 2018.

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2018 MIPS Content

Key Changes from 2017

60% of all patients must be reported on to satisfactorily report a measure.

Measures that don’t meet the data completeness criteria earn 1 point (3 points for small practices).

The 90-day performance period is no longer an option.

Six measures now considered "Highly Topped-Out"

Quality Performance Category Submission Options

An organization may choose to submit measure data to CMS as an individual or as a group through any the options below.


Individual Submisson

Group Submission

Qualified Registry




CMS Web Interface

CAHPS for MIPS Survey

Navigating MIPS in 2018


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What Contributes to the Quality Performance Category Score?

As Quality is worth 50% of your total MIPS composite performance score, understanding how to excel in this category is important. Measure performance compared to benchmarks, bonus points, and the types of measures you have selected all impact your Quality score.

1-10 Points per reported measure



Additional Outcome / 
High-Priority Measures



End-to-end electronic reporting



Performance Improvement

  • ​Add together points scored and divide by 60 or 70 (for groups eligible for the All-Cause Hospital Readmission measure) to get the final quality score.
  • If less than 6 measures are selected, clinicians will receive 0 points for missing measures.
  • Quality measures that meet the minimum case requirement, data completeness threshold, and have a benchmark will be worth between 3-10 points. If a measure has no benchmark or does not meet the minimum case requirement, it will only receive 3 points.
  • Bonus point categories are capped at 10% of the total possible quality score. This is 7 points for groups eligible for the All-Hospital Readmission Measure, and 6 points in all other circumstances.

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