2018 MIPS

Advancing Care Information
Performance Category

  • Performance is measured over at least 90 consecutive days.
  • Bonus of 10% for full use of 2015 CEHRT product
25 %
of MIPS Composite Performance Score

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2018 MIPS Content

Changes from 2017 ACI Reporting

  • 2014 CEHRT will be acceptable for 2018, but bonus points will be given to those using 2015 CEHRT.
  • 10 bonus points will be awarded for reporting to any single public health agency or clinical data registry to meet any measures associated with the Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting Objective / Public Health Reporting Objective. Additional registry participation will be worth 5 points.
  • Additional Improvement Activities eligible for the 10 point bonus in ACI.
  • New category exemptions for significant hardships, ASC-based MIPS eligible clinicians, and clinicians whose EHR was decertified.
  • Exclusions added for the ePrescribing and Health Information Exchange base measures.

Navigating MIPS in 2018


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Advancing Care Information Submission Options & Scoring

Key Terms for Understanding ACI

Base Score: to receive ACI base score points, clinicians must provide either numerator/denominator or yes/no for each measure (which is specified within measure). This accounts for half the ACI category score.

Performance Score: Beyond the 5 required measures, physicians can select measures that best fit their practice. They will then be ranked on performance for these measures. This will account for up to 90% of the ACI category score.

  • SCoring
  • Submission
base score + performance score + bonus point = ACI performance category score
  • ​Worth 25% of total MIPS CPS

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