Report MIPS with confidence.

Under the Quality Payment Program, performance matters! With payment adjustments of up to 22% of your Medicare Part B FFS reimbursements, successful reporting can significantly bolster your revenue.

MIPSPRO is your first choice for reporting MACRA / MIPS in 2017

Real-time Dashboards

Identify & respond to the data you capture & maximize your reimbursement

MIPS Quality, PI & IA

MIPSPRO supports all specialties & all measures for all MIPS components

Adapt to your practice

Whether you are a hospital or a small family practice, MIPSPRO scales to meet your needs

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Data Validation & Support

Our quality experts validate your data before submission to CMS to ensure your reporting success

Choose your pace

Whether you are reporting to achieve maximum incentives or just avoid the penalties, MIPSPRO is as flexible as you

Integrated data

Sending us your data is easy with our API, data upload, and transmission services

MIPSPRO Enterprise QCDR is your solution for thriving in the future of value-based care.

It’s no longer enough to just report quality data. The CMS payment adjustment has never had a higher potential. MIPSPRO Enterprise QCDR makes it easy to navigate complicated Medicare requirements and maximize your MIPS incentive.

More than just software.

Our quality reporting team guides you through the MIPS reporting process, while our comprehensive, user friendly platform gives you real-time feedback on your MIPS performance.  View our product demo to see the MIPSPRO advantage for yourself!

Experience you can trust.

Healthmonix has been a Qualified MIPS Registry and QCDR since the inception of the program in 2017,and has been a CMS Qualified Registry since 2009. Report MIPS with confidence knowing MIPSPRO validates your data using the most up-to-date reporting requirements and years of experience. Our unparalleled 100% success rate, industry leading solutions, and world class support have placed Healthmonix as one of the largest CMS registries in the United States.

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